World Play

Explore resources and perspectives supporting global efforts to promote play as central to children’s growth and development, compiled by the Working Group on World Play.
Working Group

Barbara Easton, Scotland/USA
Jodie Riek, USA/Australia
Lindy Doller, Australia
Sonam Lhamo, Bhutan
Rob Fox, England
Ali McClure, England
Sanjay Morzana, England
Swati Kishor Kela, India
Amrita Jain, India
Neelima Chopra, India
Gladys Muthara, Kenya
Elizabeth Omondi, Kenya
Lee Jen Uyin, Malaysia
Javzandulam Batsaikhan, Mongolia

Meenakshi Dahal, Nepal
Omolara Otujo, Nigeria
Margaret Akinware, Nigeria
Justina Onifade, Nigeria
Martha Llanos, Peru
Margarita Marichal, Puerto Rico
Patsy Pillay, South Africa
Ruby Motaung, South Africa
Nicole Kabasuga, Uganda
Ellen Booth, USA
Valentina Solarin, USA/Nigeria
Diana Suskind – USA
Dhirendra Lamsal, Nepal – in memoriam
Liaison: Heather Fox, USA



Inspiring and supporting global efforts to promote play as central to children’s growth, development and learning.

Advocating for Play: Debunking the Myths of Play
A Webinar from the World Forum Working Group on World Play


Debunking the Myths of Play

World Forum For Early Care and Education’s World Play working group has created Debunking the Myths of Play as a resource to support and inspire the early years community to define, advocate and strengthen play opportunities for children.

Note: Quotes, weblink references and resources found in Debunking the Myths of Play are found on the companion documents below. Also included are a wide variety of additional resources to support your work in the early years.

Debunking the Myths of Play – Quotes from researchers, theorists and early years professionals

Over 60 quotes to use for discussion at staff meetings, embed into workshops and professional development, parent newsletters, as well as other community and government agencies to share the importance of play in the early years as the foundation of learning.

Debunking the Myths of Play – Resources

Over 50 weblinks to early years websites, research articles, publications, blogs, YouTube videos are provided to highlight brain development, the science of the early years and resources for professionals and families. Additionally, links compliment the quotes provided as a way to see and hear about play advocacy.

Debunking the Myths of Play – World Forum Working Group Resources

Each working group of the World Forum provides a variety of resources on their web page along with a selection of Bonnie’s Café recordings. This document highlights the resources and provides direct links to their page.

The Overprotected Kid

A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.

Considerations on Design and Nature from the Working Group on Play

World Play urges designers of spaces for children to prioritize the urgent need to facilitate active and hands-on creative play at a time when both are threatened by societal forces around the world.