World Forum Foundation Events

2021 World Tour

A Global Expedition of Early Childhood Programs
World Forum Virtual Tours Depart April 2021

Experience early childhood communities around the globe. Visit environments where children live and learn, expand your early childhood network, and celebrate a wide variety of cultures. Join the World Forum Foundation on this inaugural journey during the month of April 2021

World Forum Values Program Summit

Join an international community of local programs serving young children. The World Forum Values Program Community provides an opportunity for you to connect your local ECD program to a community of early childhood leaders worldwide who value children. Begin your journey by attending one of the World Forum Values Program Summits. This is he first step to becoming a World Forum Foundation Recognized Values Program.

2022 World Forum on Early Care and Education

Join early childhood professionals and advocates from around the world who will assemble in Vancouver to engage in work and dialogue to impact the futures of young children and their families.