The World Forum Foundation is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings.  The work of the Foundation is accomplished through the work of hundreds of volunteers in over 100 countries and through the generous financial support of donors and sponsors.

Pay it Forward!

2022 World Forum Fellowship Fund

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A donation to the World Forum Fellowship Fund will underwrite the cost of fellowships awarded to early childhood professionals from communities with limited financial resources.  Any donation from $25 or more will make a difference.  With larger donations, your contribution will support the following:

  • $500 will cover the cost of one conference registration
  • $1,000 will cover the cost of 5 days of lodging at the hotel where Forum is being held
  • $2,800 will pay the registration fee, lodging and airfare for one delegate [By making a donation at this level, you will be introduced to the individual you are supporting.]

Note all donors to the World Forum Fellowship Fund will be recognized on the World Forum Foundation Website. Learn more about the Pay it Forward Campaign here.

If you are having difficulty with the above form, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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World Forum Foundation - A Force for Change in the World

Our 2020 Action Plan.

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The World Forum Foundation (WFF) is committed to improving the life chances of all children throughout the world by connecting, informing and inspiring the adults who support their growth and development.  In its first 20 years, WFF has launched global initiatives for change on leadership, advocacy, health, curriculum, gender, peace building, inclusion, children without homes, Indigenous cultures, nature, design, and children’s rights.


Join us as we build on the remarkable achievements of the first 20 years of WFF with a 2020 Action Plan to raise $200,000 by 2020 in order to foster WFF core values, promote diversity in all WFF activities, and strengthen connections in the global ECD community.

If you are having difficulty with the above form, please reach out to us at [email protected].