World Forum Alliance

International organizations that become World Forum Alliance members are committed to supporting the Foundation’s mission. Organizations in the Alliance provide mutual support for each other’s initiatives.

Asia/Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood

The ARNEC is a network established to build strong partnerships across sectors and different disciplines, organisations, agencies and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to advance the agenda on and investment in early childhood. It is one of the most extensive and fast growing networks for early childhood development in the Asia-Pacific region, covering 47 countries and includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific sub-regions, as well as Central Asia to a small extent.

We are making efforts to create a stronger and more dynamic ECD community in the Asia-Pacific, by equipping ARNEC members with updated knowledge to help them become effective advocates for holistic and inclusive ECD, by creating environment where members feel motivated and connected to participate and contribute in our activities, while making sure that ARNEC membership represents diverse communities and interests that make up the field of early childhood. Learn More.

Early Childhood Association 

The Early Childhood Association is set up with the vision that all the preschools, balwadis, N.G.O’s, children’s activity classes, parents, student teachers, media houses, companies that deal with children’s products, in short everyone connected to young children can all come together to advocate, discuss, learn and share, connect and bring about a change in the quality of care development and learning in early childhood in India. Their mission is to empower parents, teachers and others to explore and develop holistic programs and environments for children that will look after their well being, relationships, family and community and thus help each and every child grow up in a healthy mind, body and spirit. Learn More.

Early Childhood Australia

The Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has been a voice for young children since 1938. We are the peak early childhood advocacy organisation, acting in the interests of young children, their families and those in the early childhood field. ECA advocates to ensure quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care of children aged birth to eight years. Our vision: Every young child is thriving and learning. Our role in achieving this vision is to be an effective advocate for young children and a champion for quality outcomes in early childhood education and care. Learn More.

National Association for the Education of Young Children

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is a professional membership organization that works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children, birth through age 8, by connecting early childhood practice, policy, and research. We advance a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession and support all who care for, educate, and work on behalf of young children.

The association comprises nearly 60,000 individual members of the early childhood community and more than 300 regional Affiliate chapters, all committed to delivering on the promise of high-quality early learning. Together, we work to achieve a collective vision: that all young children thrive and learn in a society dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential. Learn More.

Rede Nacional Primeira Infância – (National Early Childhood Network) 

National Early Childhood Network is a national articulation of civil society, government, private sector, other networks and multilateral organizations in Brazil working directly or indirectly in promoting and guaranteeing the Early Childhood rights – without ethical, racial, gender, regional, religious, ideological, partisan, economic, sexual orientation discrimination or of any other nature.

The RISE Institute

The RISE Institute was founded in November 2001 to support activities for education and early childhood development in countries affected by conflict or extreme poverty. Activities include designing and evaluating innovative programs, providing advisory services for nations and international organizations, conducting action research, and holding training workshops. The RISE Institute has a Core Group of six senior specialists, an Advisory Board, and several RISE Associates.

In collaboration with several RISE Associates, the Core Group of The RISE Institute has produced books, chapters and articles; held an international conference at the Inter-American Development Bank; conducted advisory services and training workshops in many nations; prepared several evaluations and field reports; and given talks at international conferences.

National Association of Early Childhood Care & Education Malaysia 

NAECCEM is a non-profit and non-governmental organization set up in 1990. It is the umbrella body that promotes the rights, quality early education and well-being of Malaysian children aged 0 to 8 years. It also serves as the focal point for all activities dedicated towards high-quality Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) services and professionalism for the operators and practitioners in ECCE industry of Malaysia. This is achieved through networking and collaboration with countries all over the world.

In fulfilling its mission, NAECCEM supports professional trainings, research, practice and policies geared towards the empowerment of children’s holistic growth and development. In addition, it constantly initiates advocacy work at both state and national levels on issues concerning children’s rights and welfare.

For the past two and a half decades, NAECCEM has been actively collaborating with both local and international ECCE agencies and professionals to upgrade the quality and professionalism of the ECCE community in Malaysia. Among the organization’s main efforts include providing competency training while promoting best practices and policy for children.