Global Leaders

The Global Leaders for Young Children program at the World Forum Foundation seeks to identify and develop the next generation of early childhood leaders throughout the world. This program serves as a model of expanding capacity at the country and regional levels, while building a cohesive community of international leadership to impact policy and practice worldwide.

The World Forum Foundation believes that children need effective grassroots advocates. Accordingly, the Global Leader project mission statement asserts:

“Global Leaders for Young Children is a World Forum Foundation project with the goal of improving life chances for young children by developing early childhood leaders who can become effective change agents and advocates for quality early childhood development in their home countries and regions.”

Launching the Next Generation of Early Childhood Leaders in the World

The World Forum Foundation believes that children need effective grassroots advocates. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 250 emerging leaders from 72 countries have participated in the Global Leaders training/mentoring program. Global Leaders are selected from a range of backgrounds, including early childhood associations, government, academia, and NGOs. Many graduates currently play major roles in shaping the early childhood policies and practices in their countries and regions.

For more information, check out the informational document for your location by clicking one of the buttons below. Questions? Contact Sarah Breen.

Are you interested in becoming a Global Leader? Apply HERE today. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by October 16, 2023.

Sponsor Benefits Include: 
  • Influencing which countries are targeted in the 2024-2025 Global Leader cohort.
  • Being recognized as a Global Leader sponsor on the World Forum website and at World Forum events.
  • Having the opportunity to participate as an observer at Global Leader face-to-face meetings and view Global Leader webinars.
  • Receiving regular Global Leader program updates, news, and information on progress of advocacy projects.
2022-2023 Global Leader Sponsors:

Bainum Foundation

Children in Crossfire

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation


One Sky

SIL International

Tribal Child Care Association of California

2019-2020 Global Leader Sponsors:

ANDI Communication and Rights

Evergreen Learning

Joan Lombardi, Early Opportunities

Balnarring Preschool

Goodstart Early Learning

Karuk Tribe

Catholic Relief Services

Hualapai Tribe

Learning Synapses Education Solutions

Child Protection Society

Indus Action Initiatives

Prefeitua Municipal de Araripina

Children in Crossfire


Roger Federer Foundation

Collegio Erik Erikson

International Child Resource Institute

McCain Foundation and National

Delaware Child Development

Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada

Collaborating Center for Aboriginal Health

Global Cohorts

Each cohort is a selected group of professionals who engage in an 18 month program, including face-to-face meetings at the World Forum and smaller regional gatherings. Global Leaders develop and implement action-oriented projects in their own communities with the objective of raising awareness on key issues and promoting quality early childhood services. A carefully designed curriculum helps participants develop leadership capacity and effective advocacy skills, and gain a deeper understanding of early childhood research and practice.