2022 World Tour Extended Access

2022 World Tour

A Global Expedition of Early Childhood Programs

World Forum Virtual Tours took place on October 31-November 1, 2022. Register now for a self-paced World Tour to visit environments where children live and learn, expand your early childhood network, and celebrate a wide variety of cultures. Or, if you participated in the 2022 World Tour, check out the Extended Access and Projection License options below.

The 2022 Virtual World Tour took place over the course of five days and included two live plenary sessions and a look into the cultural underpinning of Early Childhood Education in five different countries across the globe. The 2022 World Tour was created to provide an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience for each traveler. What are you waiting for?! Check out the Extended Access options below for the 2022 Virtual World Tour and travel the globe from the comfort of your very own home, backyard, office, or school! Questions? Check out our FAQ webpage

Featured Countries include England, Iran, Indigenous Peoples of North America, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe.

What will YOU gain from this experience?

  • Five days of educational highlights.
  • Gain insights into what it is like to be a child in 5 different countries.
  • The opportunity to earn 14 hours of Continuing Professional Development.
  • An adventure in each of the five countries that tourists do not typically experience – a behind-the-scenes look at local communities.
  • Experience deep connections as World Forum friends throughout the world welcome you into their home setting where they live, work, and play.

Sneak Peek:

Each stop on the tour provides a unique experience. Each day centers around a new highlight that is filled with learning and inspiration you will reflect on for years to come. Here’s a sneak preview of five of the highlights we have planned for you so far. Check out the Continuing Professional Development Self-Paced Enrollment option to learn more!

  • Learn about the innovative ways people are using technology in their countries.
  • Gain insight into what daily life is like for refugees worldwide.
  • Visit childhood centers and see what play looks like in each of the ten countries.
  • Sharpen your leadership skills.
  • Learn about aboriginal culture and Indigenous education.

What Will You Need?


To find pricing options, click the “Purchase” button and select your country from the dropdown menu.

Extended Access

Tour participants who would like to extend personal access following November 4, 2022, may purchase extended access to all World Tour videos and content for an additional 12 months. Tour participants may purchase this year-long access by paying an additional 10% of the regular registration cost. This extends the opportunity to complete Continuing Professional Development hours and access all videos and resources for personal use for an additional year.

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Projection License for World Tour Videos & Resources

Regular registration for the World Tour does not include permission to share World Tour video content with others, such as co-workers or students, without written permission of the World Forum Foundation. However, there is an option to purchase a 12-month Projection License for an additional 25% of the regular registration rate. This is a good option is for instructors, professors, presenters, or program administrators who would like to use the World Tour videos and resources to use in college classes, as a staff training tool, or to enhance ECD curriculum.

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Continuing Professional Development Self-Paced Enrollment

The World Forum’s World Tour can be accessed as a self-paced professional development opportunity for those who did not participate in the 2022 live event. The World Tour is a CACHE Endorsed Program and it is possible to earn 16 Continuing Professional Development hours by completing the tour content as a self-paced course.

For anyone who did not participate in the live virtual event, registration is still open for those who would like to enroll to access videos and resources highlighting ECD in 5 countries around the world. The cost is 30% less than the original live event, and access is granted for 2 months. (Extended access or projection licenses can be purchased by those who enroll in the self-paced World Tour course).

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