The Global Collaborative OnDesign for Children shares resources, news and ideas on designing effective and nurturing environments for children around the world.

Working Group

Dana Bush, United States
Diane Kroll, United States
Gary Bilezikian, United States
Ivan Galindo, Mexico
Jennifer Kesselring, United States
Jim Craddock, Australia
Ken Jaffe, United States

Lucas Ritson, Australia
Michelle Pratt, New Zealand
Mike Lindstrom, United States
Miriam Beloglovsky, United States
Sandra Duncan, United States
Vera Melis, Brazil

Liaison:  Kirsten Haugen, United States



Approaching all work on children’s environments through the lens of valuing the child as capable and miraculous.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Please join us for a journey into the world of the child in the 1st annual
Tiny Film Festival as part of the 2024 World Forum on Early Care and Education.

Submission deadline: March 10, 2024


Designing Inspiring and Effective Spaces for Children

Architects, landscape architects, educators, and environmental advocates gathered in Rotorua, New Zealand, in March 2015, to explore and apply high-level universal principles necessary in designing effective and inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces for children. This report includes outcomes, provocations from Working Groups, our 3 global design projects, and a global gallery of spaces for children.

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