The Curriculum Initiative promotes the following principles to guide the development and implementation of early childhood curriculum, as interpreted and adapted to fit each country and community.

Universal Early Childhood Curriculum Principles

Early childhood is the period of human life from conception and birth through age 8 or 9. These are formative years in children’s development and learning when a high-quality program can build a solid foundation for their success and fulfillment in school and life.

About the Curriculum Principles

From its beginning, the World Forum on Early Care and Education has been committed to addressing early childhood curriculum. This commitment previously resulted in presentations of several widely used curriculum models or approaches.



Developing and promoting a small number of clearly stated principles about early childhood curriculum that we can all agree on.

Using the Curriculum Principles

Our Universal Early Childhood Curriculum Principles serves several potential purposes…

Leadership and Curriculum

by Diane Trister Dodge, United States; Larry Schweinhart, United States

Leadership related to curriculum takes place on several levels…