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Alice Kabwe, Zambia
Colani Magongo, Swaziland
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Ranju Pandey, Nepal
Rosette  Serwanga, United States and Uganda
Yasmina Vinci, United States

Nazarkhudo Dastambuev, Tajikistan
Dr. Qhing Ahing Dlamini

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Explore the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Children and Families
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Directly linking grassroots organizations that deliver care to young children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

UNAIDS: 95% of African Children With AIDS Lack Access to Treatment

Our dear friend in Zambia, Michael Kelly, shared this report on the failure of our global society to take care of our children. Where is the sense? What are we thinking? How could we have let 190,000 children die of AIDS–we don’t even have an exact number, so it wasn’t a priority or a possibility to count every one. We cannot allow ourselves to be okay with this. Each of these children, the ones dying right now, is precious and it is our responsibility as adults, as citizens of the world, to use our voices and resources to change this reality.

Videos Addressing HIV/AIDS Issues

Lucie Cluver Presentation at Regional PSS Forum – Dr. Lucie Cluver presents the results of her groundbreaking study of children whose parents are ill with or have died from HIV and AIDS (15 mins, with slides). This presentation was delivered at the Regional Psychosocial Support Forum 2011, co-hosted by SADC, REPSSI, UNICEF and the Nelson […]