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Berta MacGregor, Mexico
Bishnu Hari Bhatta, Nepal
Caroline Hudicourt, Haiti
Claire Warden, Scotland
Fiona Robbe, Australia
Gillian McAuliffe, Australia
Hadijah Nandyose, Uganda
Helle Nebelong, Denmark
Irma Allen, Swaziland
Kumara Ward, Australia
Marc Veekamp, Netherlands

Martha Cecelia Fajardo, Colombia
Raed Abu Hayyaneh, Jordan
Swati Popat Vats, India
Jim Wike, United States
Wil Maheia, Belize

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March 11, 2020 8:00-9:00 am CST
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The mission of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children is to re-connect children with the natural world by making developmentally appropriate nature education a sustaining and enriching part of the daily lives of the world’s children.


One World, One Million Trees!

The World Forum Nature Action Collaborative for Children (NACC) Working Group, in conjunction with the International Association of Nature Pedagogy, invites you to join our tree planting challenge and attend a webinar “One World, One Million Trees!”  Together, with our children, we will plant 1,000,000+ trees before the 2021 World Forum on Early Care and Education.  Join us on March 11th to learn more about growing life and hope around the world, getting children involved, and to share your ideas.

Have you planted a tree? Complete our short survey to tell us about it, and share your photos and story on social media using the hashtag #onemilliontreesforchildren

Mud Day

International Mud Day is celebrated across the world every year on June 29! Read the history of Mud Day and find resources to help plan your Mud Day!

Environmental Action Kit

We hope the information found here will strengthen world-wide efforts at helping the next generation grow up in a “greener” world. We know that finding ways to inspire children’s love for the earth today will help them become tomorrow’s generation of caring environmental stewards.

Wonder—The NACC Newsletter

Each edition of Wonder focuses on the Nature Action Collaborative for Children Universal Principles.