One World, One Million Trees!

Planting Trees, Planting Hope!

Together with our children, let’s plant one million trees before the 2022 World Forum on Early Care and Education!

The World Forum Nature Action Collaborative for Children, in conjunction with the International Association of Nature Pedagogy, invite you to join our tree planting challenge. Together, we will plant 1,000,000+ trees before the 2022 World Forum on Early Care and Education, growing life and hope around the world!

Share Your Tree Planting Story!

Have you planted a tree or trees? Tell us about it using our short survey, then share your photos and story on social media using the hashtag #onemilliontreesforchildren. 

Stories submitted may be shared on social media and will be considered for future issues of Wonder, the Nature Newsletter in Exchange magazine! We will contact you if we wish to publish your story and/or photos. Read more…

Coming soon…

Tree Planting in Belize!

NACC leader Wil Maheia has been talking with youth in Belize who are planting trees.

Planting Trees is an Act of Hope

by Roslyn Duffy