Special Needs

The latest news, resources and ideas on including children with special needs in early childhood education, from the Working Group on Including Children with Special Needs.

Field Report: Cost Effectiveness in Serving Children with Disabilities in Nepal

Deepak Raj Sapkota of Nepal shares the following video documentary by the Karuna Foundation on developing an effective Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) model in Nepal.

Design and Nature: Considerations from Including Children with Special Needs

The Working Group on Inclusion explores the four key concepts of the Working Forum on Design and Nature through the lens of inclusion, with the goal being not only access but full participation!



Addressing the myriad issues facing children with special needs and their families, and advocating for their full inclusion.

Universal Baby: The Neuroscience of Early Care for Vulnerable Children

Universal Baby is “a public health intervention to share current neuroscience about how caregivers living in high-adversity environments—both domestically and abroad—can protect and nurture their children’s brain development during the first two years of life.”