Children’s Homes

Explore issues, principles and recommended practices for supporting children growing up in residential care, presented by the Working Group for the Rights of Children in Children’s Homes.

Seeking Collaborators to Contribute their ‘Voices of Experience’

Do you, or have you ever worked in a children’s home? Do you feel you have observed a positive outcome? If so, we need you!   We are seeking collaborators to contribute with their ‘Voices of experience’ for our Working Group: Rights for Children living in Children’s Homes. The 10 Rights were drafted with infants […]

Design and Nature: Considerations for Children in Residential Settings

Declaration about the Rights of Children in Children’s Homes – Ten principles about caring for children in residential settings, which forms the basis of an upcoming RCCH book project.



Giving children in residential settings every opportunity to live in a safe and nurturing environment and receive responsive care from trained, educated adults.