Tiny Film Festival

Lights! Camera! Action!

Please join us for a journey into the world of the child in the 1st annual
Tiny Film Festival as part of the World Forum on Early Care and Education.

Films should be shot by, for, and with children, and should focus on the world of the child in your environment. What do they love, hold dear, or wish for as part of their daily journey at your program? What creates those moments of magic and wonder? Through their eyes, and their lens, help us celebrate and share the world of children from diverse environments in a 3 to 4-minute video

Questions to provide a framework for the videos:

• What makes the environment special, unique and transformative from a social, environmental or educational perspective?
• What do children love or hold dear in regard to their environment (at the school)?
• If they could, what would a child create or build or add to the environment to add value and depth to their experiences?

Please include a title screen, with the name of your school, logo if applicable, and location (country, province, state). If you’d like us to translate any portion of the spoken audio, please include a script, notating the timing of the audio you wish translated. All audio will be translated into English. If you use music, please use royalty-free audio clips.

Submission to the World Forum Foundation on Early Care implies we may show the video during the conference, and on the World Forum for Early Care Education website, in a designated area for submissions on an on-going basis.

Download additional guidelines, fill out the consent form and submit your film by clicking the button below.
Submission deadline: March 10, 2024