WoFo Family Passport

(More Registration Details Coming Soon!)

Family members of World Forum delegates may purchase a WoFo Family Passport that gives them access to the World Forum plenaries and special age-specific activities during the event. This gives family members a chance to participate in the World Forum experience, connect with other attendees children and families from around the world, and engage in activities that reflect the diverse international community of the World Forum.

Family Passport Activities for Different Age Groups:
• Adult Family Members (20+)
• Global Youth Delegate Program (ages 14-19)
• Middle Grades Group (ages 11-13)
• Primary Grades Group (ages 6-10)
• Parent-Child Playgroup Activities Pre-Primary Aged Children who participate with at least one parent or adult family member (ages 0-5)

Adult family members may participate in any of the regular breakout sessions. School-aged children will have some opportunities to participate in activities for their specific age group. Children who are pre-primary age may participate with their parents in family activities that involve at least one parent or adult family member participating with younger children.

In addition to age-specific activities during some break-out meeting teams, there will be open Pool Activity Time for families on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons that will be hosted in the Hyatt Regency’s pools that include waterfalls, a water slide, and a kiddie pool area.

The new WoFo Family Passport includes opportunities for family members of all ages to be inspired by connecting with the World Forum community in Orlando.

Note: WoFo Family Passport activities are only available for onsite registration (Global Youth Delegates however may register for either onsite or virtual registration).