No-Host Dining

This is a great way to meet new friends and get to know delegates from around the world. Each day, menus of restaurants in the Hyatt Regency Orlando and i-drive Orlando (the area surrounding the hotel) will be displayed below and at the registration desk, offering you a selection of dining choices in the evening. Every participant pays for their own meal. Details on signing up and meeting your group are included below.

After signing up for World Forum 2022 no-host dining:

•On the date of your No-Host Dinner, plan to meet your group at approximately 5:55 pm EST. Your group will head out to the restaurant around 6 pm.

•On the date of your No-Host Dinner, please meet your group near the World Forum registration counters. Look for someone holding a sign with the number of your group.

•Once your group is assembled, decide where you would like to have dinner. A list of options is available HERE, and at the registration desk.

•Since most restaurants do not accept reservations, you may need to wait for a table upon arrival or be prepared with an alternative venue.

•Everyone is responsible for paying the cost of their own dinner. Some restaurants may not be willing to split the bill, which means everyone must contribute their fair share of the final check.

Have fun!