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The World Forum on Early Care and Education is unlike any other gathering.  The program is crafted to build relationships, expand perspectives, and provoke new thinking.  Public status or recognition are not required to take on any role at World Forum, nor are any presenters paid for speaking. Instead, we rely on individuals to step forward and share their experiences and insights.  All delegates, in-person or attending virtually, on stage and in the audience, share an equal voice.  Everyone has something to learn and something to share.

Over 200 early childhood professionals from nearly 50 countries are hard at work finalizing their presentations. Here’s a peek at just a few of this year’s featured speakers.

Master of Ceremonies

Lynette Okengo, Kenya
Meenakshi Dahal, Nepal
Connie Duran Robertson, Mexico

Equity: A Call to Action

Haleinta Traore, Burkina Faso
Petr Torak, United Kingdom
Duane Dennis, United States

Igniting the Power of Community
Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer, Global Impact Engineers, WFF Founders


New Opportunities with the World Forum Values Program
Nicolas Galindo, Mexico
Rana Ismail, Lebanon
Sam Hall, United States

The World Forum Community:
Who We Are Together
Mark Elliott, United States,
WFF Executive Director

Imagine with the Working Group on Play


A Spotlight on Children’s Rights

Our Climate; Our Children’s Future
Peck Gee Chua, Malaysia
May Ajram, Lebanon

Inclusiveness and Differences within the World Forum:
Building an Active and Representative Global Community
Patrick Makokoro, Canada
Carmen Hernáez, Argentina

The War in Ukraine: A Network’s Responsive Solutions for Young Children,
Their Families, and ECD Professionals in the Region
Liana Ghent, Netherlands

And so much more…

Making the Physical Environment Accessible to All
Anne Sivanathan, Malaysia

Children as Guardians of the Earth: Our Role in Relationship Building
Claire Warden, Scotland

Early Childhood Workforce Trends in the Wake of COVID-19
Yasmina Vinci, United States
Elizabeth Lule, United States

All That We Are; All That We Want to Be
Tara Schroder, United States

Breakout Sessions:

Covid-19 and its Effects on Early Childhood Education

Children in Conflict/Peacebuilding

Honoring Differences Around the World

Building Leadership and Organizational Capacity for the Future

Supporting Families and Communities

Variations in Delivering Care and Education

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

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Content Access Statement

Access to the 2022 World Forum on Early Care and Education content is restricted to those who have registered. You do not have permission to share video content with others, such as co-workers or students, without the express written permission of the World Forum Foundation. Registered participants will have access to World Forum content for 30 days following the close of the event.


Media Disclaimer

It is the responsibility of presenters and delegates to ensure that any content shared at the World Forum on Early Care and Education, such as photos, slides or resources, is shared with the appropriate permission and does not have any copyright restrictions. This content may be used by the World Forum for use on its website, newsletter, social media platforms or future World Forum events.