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Seeking Collaborators to Contribute their ‘Voices of Experience’

Do you, or have you ever worked in a children’s home? Do you feel you have observed a positive outcome? If so, we need you!   We are seeking collaborators to contribute with their ‘Voices of experience’ for our Working Group: Rights for Children living in Children’s Homes. The 10 Rights were drafted with infants and young children in mind, yet according to us, the realization of these points or rights could also improve the quality of life of older (school-aged) children living in institutions. If you would like to collaborate, please contact [email protected] Our goal is to publish a book based on The Ten Essential Rights of Infants and Young Children living in Children’s Homes, as part of our Working Group RCCH of the World Forum Foundation, and include ‘voices of experience’ from international collaborators. Main authors and editors: Anna Tardos  (Hungary) and Elsa Chahin (Mexico). Our big idea for change is to improve the outcomes for children reared in residential group care around the world.  We base our goals on our knowledge that children can be reared in residential group care in ways that result in positive results – children who grow up to be healthy, productive citizens – indistinguishable from a cross section...