How to Become a World Forum Sponsor

“If you want to improve the life chances of the over 1 billion young children around the world; If you want to want to support the professional development of millions of early childhood professionals; and if you want recognition in 151 countries…the World Forum Foundation is your vehicle.”
— Kevin Carnes, Lakeshore Learning Materials, World Forum sponsor since 1999

The World Forum Foundation Makes a Difference!

Over 10,000 early childhood professionals from 151 nations have participated in 51 forums in 34 nations since 1999.

By connecting  early childhood professionals from diverse cultural and economic settings these professionals provide a more stimulating, supportive and empathetic environment for young children and their families.

“The strength and success of the World Forum lies in the opportunity to connect, build relationships and to hear stories that inspire and motivate and empower us to be a part of a global force for good on behalf of all children across the World.”
–David Wright, United Kingdom

“The World Forum is a place where you realize and learn how human diversity is appreciated, valued and respected and incorporated into programmes in support of early child development. Relationships developed are rich, nurtured and enduring in support of child-focused and child’s quality life improvement goals across the globe.”
–Margaret Akinware, Nigeria

You are invited to participate in this life changing work by becoming a sponsor of the 2019 World Forum on Early Care and Education.

Sponsoring the 2019 World Forum

“The Spirit of World Forum is so vibrant and electrifying that you cannot forget it ever. The values of the Forum are not just words — you all bring it alive through each interaction and are very intentional about it.”
–Guaravi Jadhav, India

“The World Forum was totally awe inspiring…I was moved to tears many times.  WFF affected me and touched me in ways I have never experienced before… It was totally brilliant.
–Jill Oliver, New Zealand

The World Forum depends on the support of its generous sponsors to cover the high start-up costs of this international forum, as well as to provide fellowships to support the attendance of early childhood professionals from communities with limited financial resources.

**To see how YOU will benefit from becoming a sponsor at any level from $1,000 to $50,000 check out the 2019 Sponsorship Benefits Grid.**

Why Sponsor Now?

To cover the early costs of planning and implementing an international event, the World Forum requires a number of anchor sponsors.  By sponsoring now, your organization will enjoy up to 20 months of sponsor recognition on the WFF website, in Connect Now, the World Forum’s monthly e-newsletter, and in all WFF social media messaging.