Highlights of 2017 World Forum

THANK YOU to all 2017 World Forum delegates! It has been an honor to share this experience with you.  Your wonderful messages to us about what this experience meant to you, and your inspiring comments in the 2017 World Forum evaluation, motivate us to work even harder to support the continuing growth of a caring and connected World Forum community.

To rekindle your memories of our time together, we proudly share these highlights of our time together in Auckland with you.

Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer

At the 2017 World Forum we announced a “100 in 100” campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to raise $100,000 in 100 days to pay for the core costs of developing and promoting a Long Term Sustainability Initiative for the World Forum Foundation. Already 2017 World Forum delegates and sponsors have contributed over $55,000 toward this goal.

Please help us raise the final $45,000.   To make a donation, CLICK HERE.

Memories abound from our experience together in Auckland.  In the coming weeks we will share the top “40 Highlights of the 2017 World Forum in this space.

Highlight #10: Petition Urging UN to Protect Young Children
View a PDF of the UN Petition


Highlight #9
: Impact of World Forum presentation by Laura Henry

Highlight #8: Dance performance by India delegation

Highlight #7: Leadership presentation by Analesi Tuicauma

Highlight #6: Poi demonstration by Roimata Rokx  and Ra Keelan

Highlight #5:  Leadership in Refugee Community presentation by Rana Ismael

Highlight #4:  Performance by Windsor School children

Highlight #3 – Children without Homes presentation by Elsa Chahin

Highlight #2 –  National Representatives Video

Highlight #1 – “Time to Say Goodbye” Closing Video

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Thank you to all the generous sponsors of the 2017 World Forum:

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