Building a Global Network for YOU


Why Should I Support the World Forum Foundation?

The strength and success of the World Forum lies in the opportunity to connect, build relationships and to hear stories that inspire, motivate and empower us to be part of a global force for good on behalf of children across the world.” 
David Wright, United Kingdom

  • The World Forum Foundation was created with the belief that relationships are the key to making change happen in this world
  • Since 1999, the World Forum has connected over 10,000 early childhood professionals from 151 countries through its forums and working groups.
  • Being connected with your peers around the world matters because it inspires you to encourage the children you care for to see differences as healthy, not dangerous.
  • Being connected empowers you to want to make a difference for children throughout your country, throughout your region, throughout the world.
  • At the 2017 World Forum in New Zealand, we launched the “100 in 100” campaign to raise $100,000 in 100 days as the first step assuring the we can continue to expand this vibrant, caring, global network of early childhood professionals.

“The World Forum is an awesome gathering of diverse culture and interests with the aim of fostering relationships toward the holistic development of the child.  A place big enough for everyone and yet small enough to make you special.  A place of knitting of hearts in warm embrace.” 

Adefunke Akine, Nigeria

How Can I Help?

  • At the 2017 World Forum, delegates donated over $55,000 toward our 100 in 100 goal.
  • Here are three ways you can help reach our goal:
  1. Make a donation yourself – every donation makes a difference, whether its $10, $50, $100 or more.
  2. Persuade your organization or association to make a donation as well.
  3. Promote the “100 in 100” campaign on your Facebook page, linking your Facebook friends to World Forum Facebook page.

“The Spirit of the World Forum is so electrifying that you cannot forget it …ever.  The values of the Forum are not just words, we all bring them alive through each interaction.”Gauravi Jadhav, India