We greatly appreciate the support from our generous World Forum Foundation sponsors!

World Forum Sustainability Campaign
Thank you to the below donors who have contributed to the World Forum long-term sustainability plan. If you would like to make a contribution to support this plan, developed by the World Forum Board of Directors, CLICK HERE.

Rana Ahmad Ismail
Ian and Noeleen Alchin
Sarah  Alexiou
Tadika Astana
Anat Bar
Yesenia Beltran
Ron Blatz
Pam Boulton
Regena Booze
Bourne Valley Nursery School
Bright Horizons Headquarters
Helene Buhagiar
Kevin Carnes
Yolanda Carlos
Elsa Chahin
Maysoun Chehab
Judith Christine Ling
Eduarda Cipriano
Shelly Counsell
Danny Darby
Vishakha Deshpande

Maxine Dignan
Diane Dodge
Valerie Farmer
Angela Fowler
Selena Fox
AMI Fundacion Amigos De La Vida
Karen Graham
Sam Hall
Laurie Hand
Kirsten Haugen
Glenda Hazviperi Takavadii
Luis Hernandez
Annette Henderson
Bright Horizons
Noreen Huni
Susan L. Houglum
International Child Resource Institute
Cheryl Iverson
Boulder Journey Schools

Bernadette King-Turner
Sharon Kneen
Michael Lindstrom
Patrick Makokoro
Robert Manning
Lisa Marie Ginet
Jennifer Marquez
Susan Mentha
May Mohammad Abu Ajram
Kimberly Nall
Lynette Okengo
Kathryn Owen
Educación Para el Desarrollo Potencial Humano, S.C.
Jerry Parr
Community Playthings
Primrose Schools Children’s Foundation
Jill Rice
Jodie Riek
Leora Riley

Juliana Gatti P Rodrigues
Nancy Rosenow
Bruce Schon
Sheldon Shaeffer
Kishore Shrestha
Robert Siegel
Andrea Sisbarro
Patricia Smith
Robert Spatz
Pamela Teh
Maria Thereza Marcilio
Candace Marie Thompson
Analesi Tuicaumia
Yasmina Vinci
Claire Helen Warden
Loren Weybright
Holly Wilcher
Tish Wilson
Sharen Woodley
Elaine Yamashita
Mary Zoller

Major Sponsors

Significant contributions from our Major Sponsors support the overall mission of the World Forum Foundation.


World Forum Foundation
Administrative Partners

•  Community Development Institute

•  Dimensions Educational Research Foundation

•  New Zealand Tertiary College

Connection Center Monthly Sponsor

Each month a generous organization contributes toward the cost of creating informational and advocacy tools, which are made available for free access through the World Forum Foundation Connection Center.

Thank you to our featured sponsor:

Childcare Exchange

Exchange is committed to supporting early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft early childhood environments where adults and children thrive – environments that foster friendship, curiosity, self-esteem, joy, and respect; where the talents of all are fully challenged and justly rewarded.

For over 35 years, Exchange Press has promoted the exchange of ideas among leaders in early childhood programs worldwide through Exchange magazine, books, and training resources.


Event Sponsors

Generous contributions from event sponsors supported the 2017 World Forum on Early Care and Education as well as help underwrite the cost of fellowships awarded to early childhood professionals from situations with limited resources.

Thank you to our lead sponsor:

Primrose Schools

Click here to view our 2017 World Forum Event Sponsors and Administrative Partners.

Interested in being a sponsor at the 2019 World Forum? Contact Penny Billheimer (+1 844–260-5805 toll-free) today!

Individual Donors

Gifts from our individual donors support for the on-going work of the World Forum Foundation. If you are interested in making a gift to the World Forum Foundation, click here. Gifts can also be made in honor or memory of an individual.

Ron Blatz
Ruth Ann Ball
Pam Boulton
Diane Trister Dodge
Leslie Falconer
Selena Fox
Anita Fussell
Juan Guerrero
Ivan Galindo
Karma Gayleg
Karen Graham
Stacy Hadley
Kirsten Haugen

Ellen Hall
Carol Hillman
Robert Manning & Yasmina Vinci Manning
Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer
Adam Neugebauer
Oladoyin Oluwole
Edna Ranck
John and Nancy Rosenow
Bess Sajfar
Bruce Schon
Sheldon Shaeffer
Bob and Andrea Siegel
Patricia Wilson

David Gleason Fellowship Fund Donors

The purpose of this Fund is to honor David’s role as the founding sponsor and first President of the World Forum Foundation. Learn more.

Edna Ranck
Ivan Galindo
Larry Schweinhart
Luis Hernandez
Kaye Davis
Junstina Omolola Onifade
Corinne Gleason
Richard Goldman
Ellan Hall
Gloria I. Guzman
Susan Peebles
Diane Dodge
Angela Ferrario
Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

New Horizon Academy
Michael Kalinowski
Ellen Hall
Paula Bloom
Iver Haugen
Diane Levin
Michelle McGinnis
Alice Campbell
Shefali Thaman
Clark Adams
Susan Brenner
Rebecca Bowman
Kay M. Albrecht
Simon Ho

Jerry Parr
Fran McIntyre
Margaret Gleeson
Cheryl A. Bose
Abby Shapiro
Robert Lurie
Patricia Frouws
Beverly Schmalzried
Eric J. Karolak
Alice Sterling Honig
Gary P. O’Neil
Margaret Akinware
Joe Perreault
Marguerite Kondracke
April Powell
Jack Wallace

Linda Whitehead
A. Clay Shouse
Hal Kaplan
Ellen Galinsky
Rhian Allvin
High Scope
Dr. Walter A. Donohue |||
Rhonda Paver
Robert Siegel
Mary L. Brown
Nancy Alexander
Michelle McGinnis
Susan Russell
Bob Benson

Focused Work: Voices of Children Documentary Project Donors

An international group of World Forum Foundation educators, social scientists, filmmakers and advocates have embarked on a journey to create “Voices of Children”, a documentary filmed in locations around the world. Learn more.

Zvia Dover
Angela Ferrario
Victoria Armstrong
Cindy Wincewicz
Sheldon Shaeffer
Nancy Rosenow
Joanne Kelleher
Angela Fowler

Kirsten Haugen
Teresa Hauswirth
Bonnie Neugebauer
Christy Spencer
(in honor of Ellen Hall)
Sue and Fred Mackler
(in honor of Ellen Lynn Hall)

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