NIGERIA—Margaret Akinware Celebrates Establishing an NGO in Nigeria

Margaret Akinware, WF National Representative for Nigeria and member of the WF International Advisory Group, sent us a message entitled:  What I Care About. Here is Margaret sharing successful advocacy for children and families in her country:

“I am delighted to inform you that after decades of advocacy as the UNICEF ECD Officer and since being the National WF Representative, we have successfully registered an umbrella NGO for Nigeria. It is known as FOUNDATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF CHILDHOOD CARE AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (FPCD). 

 FPCD is an affiliate of the African Early Childhood Education Network (AfECN). It is a  conglomeration of Early Child Care

and Development (ECD) -related NGOs, individuals and experts with a joint voice to undertake similar activities as those of the African EC Network for the Nigerian children and within the Nigerian context.

The photograph shows my self and a few members of FPCD displaying the newly produced advocacy posters, T-shirts, caps, stickers and exercise books to lobby stakeholders/policy makers to will power in support of ECD in Nigeria.  Another photograph was taken during a facilitation session at a Training of ECD Trainers programme in Lagos from 14th-16th December, 2016. FPCD was sponsored through AfECN to undertake these activities.”

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