Sustaining Partners

The World Forum Foundation is a vital organization that is working to make the world a better place. Your donation will help the Foundation to continue its important work.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. Please consider making a recurring donation today and help the World Forum Foundation to build a better future for young children around the world.

The World Forum has shown its extraordinary strength and importance to the early childhood community of the entire world through these past difficult years and we have every reason to believe that better times are ahead. But we also recognize that the world has changed in ways that some of our past sources of funding may be less reliable in the future. We believe that commitments from those who know and appreciate the World Forum can guarantee that we will be able to continue to support the early childhood community in the future as we have in the past.

Ivan Galindo, Mexico, and Patrick Makokoro, Canada, both talk – as do many others – with deep feelings about how World Forum support in their early years has changed their entire lives. Broad support from our community will guarantee that we can be there for the Ivan’s and Patrick’s of the future.

Anne Sivanathan, Malaysia

“My involvement with the World Forum dates back to 2001 and has fostered global connections, friendships and collaborations on projects with colleagues worldwide. I have partnered with the World Forum Foundation in many ways including organizing the first ever World Forum Study Tour in Malaysia. Through the World Forum I have served as Board Secretary, National Representative, Leader of the Inclusion Working Group, and a Global Leader. The World Forum Foundation is a beautiful community to belong to, as everyone brings their heart and generous spirit when working with young children.”

Ana Marcilo, Brazil

“Being a Global Leader for Young Children boosted my dreams and aspirations for a world that cares for its youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The World Forum Foundation has helped me develop skills, and acquire knowledge and wisdom on how to work with young children in different contexts. I have had the opportunity to make connections with people from around the world, which has greatly impacted my work.”

Manjusree Mitra, Bangladesh

“The World Forum has provided a space for me to grow as a professional and to learn from different leaders working with children from around the world. My advocacy work in Bangladesh has become more impactful, meaningful and grounded in a lot of evidence and experience gained from my participation with the World Forum Foundation.”