NEPAL — Meenakshi Dahal, Studies Impact of Earthquake on Children

Children use various verbal as well as nonverbal languages to communicate with others. Expressions of emotions are the natural process. No matter of age, sex and experiences, everyone express their emotions and the process is different in each individuals. Those who are in the traumatic situations expressed themselves in the different ways. This paper is based on the expression of the children affected by the earthquake in Nepal. This paper analyzed the children’s non verbal expressions based on different forms of arts. The art based counseling activities was done with 50 most affected families in Bhaktapur, Nepal immediately after Earth quake.  Among them fifteen art works (specially drawing) of the children aged 5 years to 13 years were collected and analyzed in respect of their emotional state. These nonverbal expressions have given the clues of their emotional state. This paper shows that how the individuals of different ages express their thoughts and feelings in a manner that is different than strictly verbal means and has unique properties as interventions. It reveal s how traumatized children reflect themselves and cope it on their own ways. 


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