Using the Curriculum Principles

Our Universal Early Childhood Curriculum Principles serves several potential purposes:

  • It can always serve as a starting point for further refinement and adaptation to changing conditions or changing group consensus, at the 2014 World Forum or any other such meeting or collaborative communication.
  • It can serve as a starting point for adaptation to local conditions in any of the diverse cultures, regions, and countries of the world.
  • It can serve as a statement of widely agreed upon early childhood curriculum principles for communication with people other than early childhood educators – other educators, other kinds of professionals, parents, and others interested in early childhood education, including the general public. Indeed, it would be interesting to examine the list from the perspectives of these diverse audiences, to see if it communicates to them as intended.
  • It would also be possible to use the list as a basis for other official pronouncements of widely held beliefs of early childhood educators.