Pay it Forward Campaign

Attending a World Forum can be a life-changing event. Make it possible for an early childhood advocate from a community with limited resources to attend the 2022 World Forum in Vancouver, Canada and make a difference in the lives of children when they return to their home country.

Why Does Pay It Forward Matter?

Individuals who attend World Forums frequently make a big difference in outcomes for children when they return to their home country. Check out these stories about how participating in the World Forum has allowed Eddy Nyarwaya, Colani Magongo, Najeebullah Musafirzada, and Seng Raw to positively impact children in the countries of Rwanda, Afghanistan, Swaziland, and Myanmar.

How are Fellowships Awarded?

World Forum National Representatives in over 100 countries actively encourage key players in early childhood in their countries to attend the World Forum.  Those who are not in a position to cover the costs of attending, they encourage to apply for financial assistance through the World Forum Fellowship Fund.  In March 2020 after all fellowship donations are collected, the Fellowship Committee will review, in confidence, all fellowship fund applications (usually there are over 300 applications) and make decisions on recipients and award amounts.

How Much Should I Donate?

Any donation from $25 or more will make a difference. With larger donations, your contribution will support the following:

$500 will cover the cost of one World Forum registration

$1,000 will cover 5 days of lodging for one or two persons during the Forum

$2,800 will cover the registration fee, lodging and airfare for one delegate

What Benefits Will I Receive?

In addition to the satisfaction of making a difference in the world, you will also receive…

  1. Recognition as a Pay It Forward Donor on the World Forum Website.
  2. Recognition at the 2022 World Forum with a Pay It Forward ribbon.
  3. If you make a donation of $2,800 or more, you will be introduced to the recipient of your donation.

How Do I Make A Donation?