Eating Together | Ivan Galindo, Mexico

Festivals and holidays with the theme of being grateful and celebrating human connection vary around the world.  For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to share special foods and stories with those we love.  As we celebrate there is a growing intention to recognize the history of injustices suffered by Native Americans that underlie Thanksgiving—injustices that continue to this day.  Rather than just enjoying our privileges, we can use our thanksgiving traditions to reach out to those who are different from us and begin to create authentic relationships with those from whom we are different.  Creating community is not enough to solve the complex issues of power and racism, but eating together and learning from one another can be the beginning of the conversations and actions that will.

Ivan Galindo, Founder of Colegio Erik Erikson in Querétaro, México, and President of the World Forum Board of Directors, shared this video, “L’altra par” which is a about creating human connections and the power of eating together.  This short Canadian film is part of President’s Choice #EatTogether mission, created by john st. and directed by Reynald Gresset; it was premiered at Canada’s Centennial Classic hockey game.