Ronald Ssentuuwa of Uganda and Anat Bar of Israel Make Powerful Connections

Ronald Ssentuuwa is a Global Leader of the World Forum Foundation from Uganda. He is currently in Israel pursing a Masters in International Child Development from the University of Haifa. Ronald says:  “The most interesting moment of being part of the World Forum family is bridging the gap between home and diaspora. During my stay in Israel, I joined Anat Bar, the National Representative of the World Forum in Israel; we shared passion and challenges in caring for children from own country’s perspectives. Anat Bar lives and work in Israel as a Director for several Day Care Centres.  We had an opportunity to orient ourselves in her work place referencing with the care setting for children in Uganda. Indeed, the World Forum brings together like minds! You will not miss a friend of the World Forum in any part of the world. It strengthens relationships as a fundamental need not only for child development but also adults; this was our gain during my stay in Israel.”