Share Your Stories of Children’s Positive Healing Experiences

A World Forum Initiative for Promoting Healing from Stress & Trauma
An Activity of the International Working Group on Peacebuilding with Young Children

The goal of our initiative is to support young children around the world who have been affected by and learned harmful lessons from the stress and trauma in their lives—caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and draughts, and person-made disasters such as war and other conflicts.

We are committed to working together to expand our understanding of how to help young children deal with the stress and trauma, feel safe and secure, and learn alternative lessons.

Our Working Group’s publication, From Conflict to Peace Building: The Power of Early Childhood Initiatives: Lessons from Around the World (2007) tells the stories of peacebuilding efforts with young children living in war and conflict situations
or emerging from armed conflict in eight member countries.

Read Rabin’s Healing Story from Nepal

Please Share Your Stories

We now want to collect practical examples related to our new, larger mission of protecting and helping children heal from a wider range of stress and trauma situations in their environment , including conflict, violence and environmental disasters.

We are asking each of you around the world to please send us your examples of children dealing with stress, trauma and healing. This includes sharing your stories of experiences with children, their play and drawings (including photos), conflict resolution, etc. in homes, schools and the wider community. We strongly believe that your experiences and work in this regard will be a valuable source of learning for all of us.

We will compile your stories to share on our website and also devise other strategies for putting them to use, with due acknowledgement, in support our mission to promote peace building and positive social and emotional health initiatives for young children around the world.

Please consider joining us online to build our Initiative on Healing from Stress and Trauma!

How to Share Your Stories

Email your story to us at [email protected].