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rightsImages of Rights: Children’s Perspectives Project

Children’s daily experiences of provision, protection, and participation form the fabric of their lives. These rights are not experienced as the political, debated processes through which adults make decisions and form policies, but in a more elemental way. Feeling safe, having food and shelter, having a sense of place and community and family, are all integral to a child’s sense of well-being. When these basic needs are lacking or insecure, children are aware of it. Whether or not they can verbally articulate their rights, children experience the presence or absence of rights viscerally in their everyday lives, and they have the capacity to express these experiences and understandings through the images they make and the stories they tell.
By collecting photos of children’s art in any media from around the world, the Images of Rights: Children’s Perspectives Project will give visibility to how children express their experiences of rights. With each photo, we will ask for the child’s story  about his art and a significant adult’s interpretations on how it relates to the 3P’s. Once collected, we will make the photos available through the World Forum website1 and other media, as a tool to engage families, educators, politicians, UN and nongovernmental organization officials, and community leaders. By giving visibility to the ways that children experience their rights to provision, protection, and participation, we hope to initiate deeper dialogs on children’s rights, and in doing so, better understand how to provide for children’s well-being through the application of the UNCRC.
We invite you to contribute. Please visit: rights to learn more.
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