Provision and Protection: The Bunk Bed Food Machine

Girl, 4 years, United States

“I made a bunk bed. This is food. It carries food up to them when the people holler for food.  The machine comes back up to get their plates, so people can put their plates on it when they’re done.”

Children play out their dreams.  They blend real life experiences with imaginary scenarios using props & materials to execute meaningful play. This work helps them build relationships, make sense of their world, and gives them a sense of belonging within it.   This child’s drawing focused on her family being all together, which seemed to be about love and protection. She devised and incorporated a machine that would provide her loving family with nourishment when desired. Family and food are essential components in a child’s life; many family celebrations involve food and showcase their culture/traditions.  To me this child’s drawing illustrates the intricate connection with her family and their meals together.