Voices of Children Update – October 2015

In the past seven months we have learned the importance of patience, perseverance, and creativity as our video documentary project continues to move forward. We were reminded of the realities of global collaboration when we initiated our mentoring work with our many contributors using online platforms from Adobe Connect©, to Skype©, to old-fashioned email. Not only did slow internet connections, hardware issues, and language differences present challenges, but also world events such as the natural disaster in Nepal and civil unrest in Bangladesh. We have been humbled by the willingness of our contributors around the world to keep finding solutions. In the past month, we received our first video excerpts from Scotland, and we expect more from New Zealand and Pakistan shortly. In addition, we have initiated an additional strategy in which a small team of VoC committee members (including a videographer) travels to sites to conduct workshops with the community, collect video, and invite children to use GoPro© cameras as an innovative way to directly capture their experience of rights. Our team has already collected video in Brazil and has plans to travel to India and Singapore in the New Year. This strategy will not only add a sense of continuity to the final video, but will also provide a further opportunity to discuss the meaning of rights across cultures and how we capture children’s voices. As always, we welcome contributors from our around the world who would like to join this endeavor.