Advocacy Tools

This section will provide helpful tools to assist you in your efforts to advocate for more policies and programs that help connect children with nature.

  • Fundraising – find customizable kit to help you in your efforts to raise funds for projects and campaigns.
  • Volunteers – find a customizable kit to help you in efforts to secure volunteers to assist with your projects.
  • Multimedia – find videos, including “Universal Principles for Connecting Children with Nature,” developed by the Nature Action Collaborative for Children Leadership Team. You will also find a downloadable “Advocacy PowerPoint” that can be shown to a variety of audiences.



We are pleased to present this Fundraising Kit to assist you in raising money to help you and your team carry out projects that will help connect children with nature.

Contents include:

  1. Tips on how to use this kit (Read this section first).
  2. A sample fundraising letter (customize and print). Use this to send to prospective funders via email or regular mail, or to deliver in person.
    Be sure to:
  • Be specific about what you are requesting.
  • Give a brief description of your project and its value.
  • A section on grant-writing. Use this if you intend to submit a formal grant to a grant-making organization.
  • A sample thank-you letter (customize and print). Send this when your fundraising efforts are successful!


What are these projects?

The World Forum Foundation has made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to connect two million young children with nature in the next two years. In order to attain this goal, the World Forum Foundation’s Nature Action Collaborative for Children is supporting projects all over the world designed to help children re-connect with the natural world.

What is the volunteer opportunity?

The World Forum Foundation is offering an exciting opportunity for employees to connect with nature projects throughout the world. Employees of organizations such as yours will have volunteer options for assisting local or regional nature projects that will directly benefit children and families. Employees who volunteer in this way will reap the personal satisfaction that comes from impactful hands-on work in the pursuit of an important cause.

How can employee volunteers help?

Options for volunteering range from one-time assistance to on-going assistance over time. We know it is a challenge for employees to balance work, family, education, and other commitments with volunteer work such as this, so it is our goal to ensure that this efficiently coordinated campaign will maximize project impact and sustainability throughout the world.



Download the Connecting the World’s Children With Nature Advocacy PowerPoint
Note: This file is 6MB and will take a few minutes to download


Download the Universal Principles for Connecting Children With Nature PowerPoint
Note: This file is 6MB and will take a few minutes to download


A selection of inspirational and informative videos to support reconnecting children with nature.

It’s a Beautiful Life

Universal Principles DVD

Sense of Wonder

Action Forum QT