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Creating a documentary of children voicing their rights through both verbal and non-verbal expression

An international group of World Forum Foundation educators, social scientists, filmmakers, and advocates have embarked on a journey to create a documentary called “Voices of Children”. The documentary aims to expand on the Convention on the Rights of the child by advocating for a more inclusive view of children’s rights from the perspective of the children themselves.

This project has become much more than the creation of a powerful documentary. As teams of international educators travel to carefully chosen locations in the world, working together and working with various groups of teachers, a profound understanding of how to listen to and honor children’s thoughts and ideas is emerging. Schools that participate are changed. Educators who are part of the planning and logistics teams are changed. A powerful tool is being created that will effectively demonstrate children’s understanding of what connects us all as human beings.

Thanks to the team members donating their own time and personal funds, plus funding from a global group of individuals and organizations, filming has taken place in Asia, Europe, Australasia, and the Americas.

With support from you, filming will take place in Africa and the Americas and the final documentary can be edited and readied to premier before an international group of early childhood educators and advocates at the 2017 World Forum on Early Care and Education in Auckland, New Zealand. The documentary will then be widely distributed throughout the world and will serve as an important tool for global understanding.

Voices of Children is a special project envisioned, organized and implemented by the World Forum Working Group on Children’s Rights. If you would like to support this project, visit our donate page and scroll down to the Voices of Children project.

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