World Forum Values Program


Select the quantity of centers for which you are applying.  All centers must be in the same country.  A separate application must be submitted for centers in a different country.  Click on each registration to enter the specific details for each center.

The World Forum Values Program recognition and application process is designed for individual centers, schools or site locations. We encourage site leaders from each individual location to engage their staff in the Values Program application process so that it is individualized for each center, school or site location. If you are a multi-site program that has questions about how to apply for more than one location at the same time, please reach out to [email protected] for further discussion.

Each center must agree to the following Declaration Statement:

  • We are a program, school or organization that provides direct early childhood services to children.
  • We are a program that is in good standing with the applicable regulatory standards in our country and/or community.
  • We agree to notify the World Forum Foundation if our status changes from being “in good standing with the applicable regulatory standards.”
  • We agree to only use the Recognized World Forum Foundation Values Program logo for program sites that are officially approved as a Recognized Values Program, and agree to stop displaying the logo if our status lapses without renewal.
  • Most importantly, we commit to strive to live into the World Forum Values in our work in our program.
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