Board of Directors

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Ivan Galindo, Mexico
President/Finance Committee

Patrick MakokoroCanada
Vice President/Finance Committee

Robert ManningUnited States
Treasurer/Finance Committee

Anne Sivanathan, Malaysia


Karma GaylegBhutan

Carmen HernaezArgentina

Ex Officio – Mark Elliott, United States

Ex Officio – Tara Schroder, United States

Ex Officio – Bonnie Neugebauer, United States

Ex Officio – Roger Neugebauer, United States


May Ajram, Lebanon

Ebenezer Lartey, Ghana

Colani Magongo, Swaziland

Ana Marcilio, Brazil

Manjusree Mitra, Bangladesh

Rokhaya Diawara, France

Kim Nall, United States

Haleinta Traore, Senegal

Analesi Tuicaumia, Fiji

Ivan GalindoMexico

I studied Physics for a few semesters before going to study Psychology. Then I studied an MBA and completed all the courses in a Master in Social Psychology. I also was trained in the High/Scope Institute as a teacher trainer. I like teaching and I have done it for 35 years. I am the owner and principal of the Colegio Erik Erikson and Infantes y Crayones for the las 25 years. We work with children from 18 months to 15 years. According to national evaluations and the evaluations of the most important private university in the country, our school has obtained the best results in the State for the last 9 years. We care a lot about social and emotional development, we create an atmosphere that helps our students to become considerate and generous. We listen to children and have good conversations with them. We work with the whole child. For a few years, I was the Director of the High Scope Intitute of Mexico. Since 2001 I have been involved with the World Forum. I am a Global Leader from the first generation and also a member of the board and national representative. I enjoy working with the WoFo community to improve the opportunities for children around the world. I love the hospitality and good will of the WoFo community. I have a daughter and a son and they have worked a lot try to make of me a good father.

Patrick MakokoroCanada

Patrick Makokoro is a social entrepreneur, an early childhood development practitioner, and educational researcher with extensive experience working in community and international development. The work he has carried out includes early childhood development program implementation, national ECD network establishment in Africa and providing extensive consulting support to international non-profits working in Africa.

Among other social entrepreneurship initiatives, he founded the Nhaka Foundation, a charitable organization that provides early childhood development, education, meals, health care, psycho-social support, and other essential services to children in Southern Africa. He is a co-founder of the Africa Early Childhood Network, founder of the Zimbabwe Network for Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA) and convenor of the recently launched Southern Africa Network for Early Childhood Development (SANECD). He is a key member of the ECDinAfrica initiative led by the UNESCO Tri-Chairs in Early Childhood Development (Africa focused), has several publications on early childhood development in Africa and continues to write in this area.

Robert Manning
United States

Every year I live, I come to understand more deeply the importance of institutions that bind human beings together in a world where there are so many forces that tend to push us apart.  More than any other organization I have ever known, the World Forum does just that.  At every World Forum, I meet people whose stories and whose character and resolve to help all children, especially those who are born into difficult circumstances, move me to my core and I know the same is true for countless others.  Bill Bowen, the late President of Princeton University, once said “Institutions exist to magnify the efforts of individuals in great causes”.  The World Forum magnifies the efforts of so many heroic individuals in the great cause of the children of the world.

Anne Sivanathan, Malaysia

Karma GaylegBhutan

Karma Gayleg works for the Ministry of Education in Bhutan as senior programme coordinator for Early Childhood Care and Development programmes. As the first Programme Leader for Early Childhood Programmes in the country, he has pioneered and contributed to developing and leading it since 2007.  He spearheaded the drafting of policies, standards, guidelines and curricula, and was equally instrumental in advocacy for early childhood and mobilizing communities and families through community based initiatives.

He has been a Global Leader for the Asia Pacific Region in the 2011-12 cohort and still serves as national representative in Bhutan. He is also actively involved with the Asia Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood as a steering committee member. He is an executive council member of the newly formed South Asia Forum of Early Childhood Development Professionals.

Carmen HernáezArgentina

Carmen Hernáez holds a Graduate Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. In 2016 she attended a Postgraduate Program on ECD at the Argentina Society of Early Childhood (SAPI- Sociedad Argentina de Primera Infancia). She is currently attending Postgraduate courses on Communication, Identities and Gender at Buenos Aires University (UBA), and an International Seminar on Infants and Youth at CLACSO (Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales). She has also studied audiovisual communication, children´s illustration and visual identity by means of specialization seminars delivered by Norberto Chaves and Yves Zimermman, from the University of Barcelona. On her professional practice as a consultant she integrates her knowledge on education, social and visual communication fields.

Co Director at EDUPAS. EDUPAS -an institution devoted to Educational Communication. Its projects and programs deal with care education. She has been part of the organization since 1992, designing and leading programs for companies, governmental, international and civil society organizations. As consultant, she has carried out communication and training programs at governmental and nongovernmental organizations, as well as international organizations as PNUD, UNICEF and UNESCO. She has thorough experience in working with civil society organizations and companies, specifically through the promotion of different rights (children and woman rights, health and sexual rights, environment rights, public dialogues, advocacy process, etc.). Since 2008, she coordinates an interdisciplinary program thar brings activities, orientation and support to pregnant women, pregnant teenagers, and families with young children in a Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires. The group integrates obstetricians, neonatologists, child-minders, psychologists, play specialists, children’s singing and reading professinals, with women who belong to the communities, forming together a strong support network for families.

In 2016, influenced by the WoFo networks and the Brazilian Early Childhood Network she started working with Argentina ECD references and organizations in the development of the “Argentina Early Childhood Network, currently in process. In 2018 she became member of the World Forum on Early Care and Education board. In the field of educational communication, she has developed programs on holistic health, work life integration, family and dependent care, maternity and maternity during adolescence, parenting, child´s participation. She is currently a consultant for community child care centers of Buenos Aires City, working with their teams, with families and children from an integrative and collaborative perspective.

As part of her professional experience during the last years she has focused her work in the relation between the members of the social community network, connecting family members, school and health teams, governmental and corporate members in the believe that the contexts constantly modify human life tasks and opportunities. She works developing collaborative networks between them, including social responsibility programs. Interested in the systemic perspective of social groups, and addressing communication flows and links among their members as a fundamental part of their relations and their participation to meet common objectives, she studied new scientific paradigms, complexity  and living systems perspectives in England at Schumacher College. In Buenos Aires she attended several seminars with Humberto Maturana and with Palo Alto references at Interfas Foundation. She has recently finished a course with Fritjof Capra on Living Systems perspective – an integrative view. The living system perpective let us, as human societies and global community, be linked to the web of life cosmovision, a sustantabilty perspective.

Ex Officio – Mark Elliott, United States

Mark Elliott started serving as the Executive Director of the World Forum Foundation in 2020. Prior to becoming the Executive Director, he served as the Program Director for the World Forum’s Global Leaders for Young Children program. Mark also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Community Development Institute, one of the World Forum’s administrative partners. Mark has worked with early childhood programs for more than 20 years at the local, national and international levels.

Ex Officio – Tara Schroder, United States

Tara is the Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit Dimensions Educational Research Foundation whose mission is to inspire joy and wonder in children, educators, and communities with a heart-centered approach to early education. Dimensions serves as one of the administrative partners of the World Forum Foundation.

Ex Officio – Bonnie NeugebauerUnited States

Bonnie Neugebauer serves as a Global Impact Engineer for the World Forum Foundation and hosts Bonnie’s Global Café on the World Forum website. Bonnie, and her husband Roger, are Co-Founders of the World Forum Foundation. Bonnie is also Founding Editor of  Exchange, the Early Childhood Leaders’ magazine since 1978. These initiatives have been developed in partnership with her husband Roger. Their work continues to focus on professional development and building leadership by bringing people together in community, focusing on the values of children, spirit, differences, relationships, and change.

Ex Officio – Roger Neugebauer, United States

Roger Neugebauer serves as a Global Impact Engineer for the World Forum Foundation. In 1978, Roger and his wife Bonnie, launched Exchange Magazine addressing the diverse needs of leaders in early childhood programs. By 2016 Exchange magazine had over 100,000 subscribers, in print and online, around the world. In 1998, Roger and Bonnie became Co-Founders of the World Forum Foundation to promote the sharing of ideas and perspectives among early childhood professionals around the world. Roger and Bonnie have four children and 4 grandchildren.

May Abou AjramLebanon

May Abou Ajram has been working in the field of early childhood development & education for the better part of two decades.

Having started her Career as an Educator, eventually becoming a Head teacher of a preschool in Saudi Arabia; in 2004, she worked as a Health Educator for the International Labour Organization in Lebanon, where she was responsible for developing & implementing a health education program for the children of the “Sanjak refugee camp” in Beirut.

In 2006, she assumed the Role of the ECCD Projects’ Coordinator at the regional non-governmental organization The Arab Resource Collective.

Most recently, she has held the post as the Project Coordinator for Basic Education and Adult learning at the UNESCO regional office in Beirut. Working with various entities in the private & public sector, she was the lead on developing Accelerated Learning Programs, and creating the Arab Community of Practice for Education.  She has also planned and executed several program conferences on the topics of Non-Formal Education, ECCE, Volunteerism & Psychosocial Support.

May holds a BS in Environmental Health, and a teaching diploma, and a MS in Environmental Sciences from the American University of Beirut.

Ebenezer LarteyGhana

Ebenezer Lartey, ICRI Africa Region Director, Global Leader, National Representative, Board Mentee. Ebenezer holds B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Tourism from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and also an Executive Mastery Certificate in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Carayol College. He exhibits a good knowledge in a variety of disciplines. He is an expert in ICT Marketing, Corporate Project Planning and Management.

Ebenezer has trained in Early Childhood Education and has developed a considerable skill, knowledge and experience in handling children. In his child education delivery, Ebenezer allows the children to lead the curriculum.  His role in the delivery process is to nurture, support and guide.  Ebenezer incorporates the child’s interest into his learning delivery.

Ebenezer is a World Forum Foundation Board Mentee, National Representative and Global Leader for Young Children. He was selected based on his leadership and dedication to this work.

Ebenezer has facilitated several training programs on Early Childhood Education and has led a team of experts, consultants and academicians to enter into various education collaborations in Early Childhood Education. He is leading a team of professionals to collaborate with the University of Education Winneba to establish an Early Childhood Education Graduate Studies Program and to construct and equip the University with a state of the art Child Care/Resource Centre at Winneba.

Ebenezer is an excellent communicator and a skilled presenter, effective at the customer interface. He takes his delight in problem-solving and creative resource management. Ebenezer is highly proactive, visionary and a strategic thinker, with a strong bottom line focus. He focuses on organizational development. Ebenezer has the intrinsic desire to serve humanity, for this reason he participates in volunteer programs in any community, both locally and internationally. He is hard working and persists until he puts the smiles on the faces of his customers and clients. Through hard work and dedication to duty, Ebenezer has developed a very critical and objective mindset and he is well-versed in current affairs, research management and intellectual publications.

Colani Magongo, Swaziland

Mr Colani Sibusiso Magongo (39) is the founding chairperson of the Swaziland Network for Early Childhood Development. He works for Church Forum on HIV and AIDS as the Early Childhood Development Officer.  Mr Magongo is a global leader for young children representing the Africa Region.  He has 13 years of experience in programming for young children in the context of emergencies including HIV and AIDS. His experience include establishing a national network for early childhood development in Swaziland, facilitating workshops, conferences and seminars on a range of issues affecting young children in Swaziland and managing an ECD programme reaching 5000 children countrywide.

Ana Oliva Marcilio de Souza, Brazil

Master in Education and Social Justice from the Institute of Education / University College of London (UCL) Psychologist from the Federal University of Bahia and specializes in Social Psychology from Pichón Rivière / Coordination of Operational Groups. Recognized leadership in human rights advocacy, I was a Fellow of the LASPAU Leadership Training Program for Latin America and the Caribbean and a fellow at the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Training Course. Today I coordinate the Campaign Where’s Our Doll? In addition to leading Avante’s strategy sector, coordinating the National Childhood and Adolescent National Child Rights Working Group, the Children’s Right Working Group of the World Forum Foundation. In 2003 I got involved in Avante, where I had different experience: I carried out training projects for educators for early childhood education; social formation of young people and adolescents; coordinated psychosocial care projects, advocacy campaigns and actions aimed at strengthening the rights of children and adolescents, especially in childhood and early childhood.

Manjusree Mitra, Bangladesh

Senior Program Manager Education from February 2010 till to date, Manjusree is esponsible for three individual projects those are implementing by 5 Partner NGOs in North-West parts of Bangladesh. NETZ education programme consists of non-formal primary schools and Anandalok Community Schools, Government Primary school improvement programme, Library programme, Pre Primary and Early Literacy, Lead and develop project proposal for raising fund, ensure funds for the partner organizations and implement new projects with partner NGOs. Monitor programs and Conduct evaluation of projects of partner NGO and conduct national advocacy initiatives, quality assessment of education programs. Playing a vital role as member of Senior Management Team SMT, President of Country Procurement Committee, and Chairman of Staff Development Initiatives of Country Office.

Manjusree was awarded Exchange Exceptional Master Leader of ECD in 2015.  She has also been Executive Board Member of Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) since 2017. The role is to support Early Years Education in country, region and to support globally. Another role is to work as mentor of new education global leaders anywhere in the world through e-communication network.

Kim Nall, United States

Kim is the Child Care Center Director at the Colusa Indian Community, Hand-in-Hand Learning Center in Colusa, CA, USA, and has been in this position for the last 15 years. Her passion is expanding high quality early care and education for children and for Tribal Child Care in the United States, and learning about Global ECD initiatives. She has more than 25 years of work on behalf of young children and their families in the state of California, and within the United States. She is proud to have been able to work on several advisory groups and boards including the National Indian Child Care Association (NICCA),  Co-Chair of the Tribal Child Care Association of California (TCCAC), Tribal  Early Childhood Research Center (TRC) Steering Committee, National Farm to School Network Mentor, Peer Learning and Leadership Network (PLLN) Fellow and Mentor for Tribal Child Care Administrators, World Forum on Early Care and Education, Global Leader Regional Coordinator 2017-2018, and Global Leader 2011-2012, Equity in Farm to ECE Subgroup,  American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Advisory Council, Indigenous Peoples Action Group (IPAG), Georgetown University Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) in Family Friend and Neighbor (FFN) Care Workgroup, California Health and Safety Regulatory Workgroup.  She regularly presents her work at local and national conferences, and workshops. She also volunteers her time with local organizations in her community and serves on several local committees and organizations.

Haleinta Traore, Senegal

Experienced Education Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the program development industry. Skilled in Public Speaking, Management, Leadership, Project Management, and Microsoft Office. Strong education professional with a Certificate focused in Sciences of ECD- Leadership in early childhood development and Education from River tide college.

Analesi Tuicauma, Fiji

Analesi is the Executive Director for Child Benefit, managing and operating school for early years in Suva. She is the founder for Early Learning Centre (formerly The Little-ones Learn Centre) now an early years education provider for 0 – 8 years first established in 1995. Also Geraldine Early Learning at 72 McGregor Rd, Suva for children 0 – 5 years. She founded Mobile Kindy Fiji in 2013 which provides access to high quality early childhood education and care to disadvantaged children in the communities outside Suva. Also founded Kindy@the Park in 2008, a national advocacy programme for early childhood education. She has been a facilitator and trainer for teachers with the Ministry of Education for a number of years covering topics such as Learning Environment and Sustainable Development Goals. She recently received a Paul Harris Fellow Award from Rotary International recognizing her work for the disadvantaged children. She also recognized by Childcare Exchange magazine as Exceptional Master Leader in 2016. An active member and ambassador for World Forum Foundation for Early Care and education she has been a Global Leader for Young children since 2009. She became a National Representative for Fiji in 2016.

As an international trainer and mentor she provides guidance for student teachers from USA, Asia, Europe-also locally and the region- while engaging on the practicum component of training. She also mentors upcoming Global Leaders the latest being educators from India, Africa and USA. Most recently, a 3 member GL team from Fiji have just completed their projects in June 2018 under her guidance. She recently presented at the World forum Foundation conference in May 2017, in Auckland on Effects of Climate Change for children in the Pacific region. Analesi is married with one son-who is also an educator and upcoming Global Leader. When she is not in the office she in the garden and loves tendering her flower beds.