2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

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2021 World Tour

A Global Expedition of Early Childhood Programs
World Forum Virtual Tours Depart April 2021

“If you want to improve the life chances of the over 1 billion young children around the world; if you want to want to support the professional development of millions of early childhood professionals; and if you want recognition in 151 countries…World Forum sponsorship is your vehicle.”

— Kevin Carnes, Lakeshore Learning Materials, World Forum sponsor since 1999

Children’s lives are enhanced when early childhood professionals from across the globe come together virtually on April 5 – 16, 2021 to share stories, be inspired, and build connections!

This extraordinary travel experience will span twelve days, providing attendees with two live plenary sessions, personalized tour groups, daily educational highlights, and a look into the cultural underpinning of Early Childhood Education in ten different countries across the globe.

We invite you to become a sponsor of the 2021 World Tour and gain global recognition as an advocate for children! Sponsor contributions make it possible to showcase the diverse perspectives of members of the World Forum community throughout the world and create an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience for each traveler.

2021 Sponsorship Benefits

Based on the total amount of your organization’s contribution, your benefit package will fall into one of the five sponsorship categories listed in the grid below.

To learn more or commit to sponsorship, please contact [email protected].