Panama City Event Program

The World Forum on Early Care and Education is unlike any other gathering. The program is crafted to build relationships, expand perspectives, and provoke new thinking. Public status or recognition are not required to take on any role at World Forum, nor are any presenters paid for speaking. Instead, we rely on individuals to step forward and share their experiences and insights. All delegates, in-person or attending virtually, on stage and in the audience, share an equal voice. Everyone has something to learn and something to share.

World Forum breakout sessions bring together diverse groups of presenters to share a 90-minute session, which also includes time for audience participation and discussion. In a typical panel, each presenter will have about 10-15 minutes to present. World Forum welcomes first-time presenters alongside experienced ones, people who are comfortable in English and people who are still learning. World Forum participants value authenticity and resilience over performance or polish. For the 2023 World Forum, you may submit a proposal to (a) join a panel of other presenters, (b) create your own panel of diverse presenters, or (c) offer an alternative format for your session, such as hand-on activities. We aim to offer in-person sessions with 3-5 presenters, OR sessions with all virtual presenters. Virtual presenters will pre-record their sessions in advance, and these will be released for viewing, on Sutra only, by in-person and virtual participants according to the program schedule during the event.

Presentations will fit into one or more of the following categories:
Child Development & Well-Being
Children’s Rights in Multiple Contexts
Children Impacted by Conflict/Violence/Refugee Status
Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Environments, Nature, Sustainability and Design
Gender – Gender Identity & Expression, Men in ECE
Leadership and Staffing
Management, Finance and Funding
Policy, Advocacy and Equity
Play, Care and Curriculum
Research, Trends and Innovations
Supporting Children in Different Contexts
Wellness for Adults
Working with Families

Please note: Whether you submit an individual proposal or one for a complete panel of 3-5 people, keep in mind that the World Forum spirit is created in part through sessions with presenters who come together from diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures and regions, and we will look for this diversity when creating the program. It also makes developing your session with your co-presenters an exciting and enriching part of the event, as you create or deepen connections with them.

The deadline to submit a presentation proposal was September 23, 2022.

If you require financial assistance to present at the 2023 World Forum on Early Care and Education, please review the following Fellowship Fund information below. Please note, the presenter application does NOT include and will not be considered as the application for the fellowship fund.

Presenter and Fellowship Fund forms are two SEPARATE applications and must BOTH be submitted in order to be considered for financial aid.

In accord with its value of “Differences,” World forum Foundation supports diversity in participation through its Fellowship Fund. This fund is made possible due to the generous contributions of sponsors and donors.

Fellowship Fund Guidelines

The World Forum Fellowship Fund is used to support attendance of early childhood professionals from communities with limited financial resources. After reading through the guidelines, if you wish to apply for financial support, please click the button below.

Fellowship funds are limited. Every delegate is expected to support their own participation as much as possible. No delegate will be fully funded. Funding is provided only for those individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend. As such, it will not be provided to individuals who are taking side trips before or after the World Forum or who are paying for other family members to accompany them. Those receiving Fellowship Funds are expected to fully participate in World Forum activities.

The deadline to apply for fellowship was September 23, 2022. Any applications received after that date will be put on a waiting list.