Transportation 交通

Air Transportation to Macao, China

For convenience, your best bet is to fly into the Macau International Airport (MFM).  The advantage of this choice is that the Sheraton Grand Hotel Macao provides guests with a free 10-minute shuttle ride to and from the airport.  However, in many cases you may find a less expensive airfare or more direct flights if you fly into the Hong Kong airport (HKG).  Please note, transportation to the hotel from this airport will take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes (see Ground Transportation below).

You can book your own flights or use your own travel agent.  Alternatively, you can use the World Forum travel agency, Executive Travel to assist you in making your flights.  They will provide you the best schedule and rates possible.  They will also be available to assist you, should you run into troubles while traveling.  In addition, when you book your flights through Executive Travel not only will you earn your frequent flyer mileage points, but the World Forum will also be granted points to use for the World Forum Fellowship Fund.  You can contact Executive Travel in Lincoln, Nebraska at:

Phone: 1-402-435-8888
Toll Free:  1-855-299-2881
Email: [email protected]
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm (CST)

Ground Transportation to Hotels

From Macao Airport

The Sheraton currently offers shuttle service from the Macao airport (subject to change).  When you make a reservation you will be instructed how to arrange for this service.  If you prefer, you can also take a taxi from the airport with a typical charge of less than $10.

From Hong Kong Airport

Options from the Hong Kong airport are in a bit of flux at the moment as a bridge between Hong Kong and Macao is scheduled to be completed in the coming months.  Once this has been confirmed we will be able to offer you transportation options from the Hong Kong airport to the Sheraton using the bridge.

In any case, you also have the option of taking a ferry from Hong Kong to Macao.  At the Macao Ferry terminal you can receive shuttle transportation by the hotel (subject to change) or hire a cab.

The World Forum is currently investigating options for travelers through Hong Kong and in early 2019 will post more complete details!  When this information is announced you will be notified in Connect Now – the World Forum’s e-newsletter.