Program 論文發表

Over 600 people have been involved in developing the program for the 2019 World Forum.  We held eight Zoom calls with our National Representatives in 100 countries seeking their input on the major issues impacting children, families and ECD professionals in their regions.  In addition, we brainstormed with our Board Members and Mentees from 27 countries; listened to our Global Leaders in 68 countries; surveyed the members of our 11 working groups, and reviewed presentation proposals from over 400 individuals from 71 countries.  We are now using this extensive input to shape an informative and inspiring program for you.  The titles of the presentations and the names of presenters will be posted on this website in a few months.  For now, here is a list of topics that will be addressed:


Overarching Topics

The State of the World’s Children, 2019

Future Trends Impacting Children

Innovative Ideas in ECD

Children’s Rights


Advocating for Young Children

Using Your Power as an Advocate

Sustainable Development Goals

Theory into Policy and Practice

Addressing Inequities in Access


Leading ECD Organizations

Managing Organizational Growth

Developing Organizational Culture

Keys to Being an Effective Leader

Innovative Delivery Models


Children in Fragile Situations

Homeless, Street Children

Stateless, Unregistered Children

Impact of Poverty on Young Children

Impact of Conflict on Young Children

Curriculum and Play

Integrating Creative Arts

Serving Infants and Toddlers

Child Assessment

Play as Learning


ECD Workforce

ECD Workforce Trends

Professional Development Strategies

Sustaining Ourselves

Rewarding and Retaining ECD Staff


ECD Environments

Power of Nature to Heal

Connecting Children with Nature

Principles of Environmental Design

Nature Playground Design


Valuing Diversity

Language and Culture

Including All Children

Valuing Indigenous Cultures

Men in Early Childhood Education

Child and Adult Behavior

Brain Development

Strengthening Resilience in Children

Socio-Emotional Development

Sustainability for Adult Caregivers


Economics of ECD

Models of National ECD Funding

Innovative Financing Strategies

Raising Funds for Your Organization


Health and Nutrition

HIV/AIDS and Young Children

Stunting’s Impact on Development

Multisectoral Approaches to ECD


Family Engagement

Engaging Families in ECD Programs

Parent Education Approaches

Strategies to Impact Parenting Practices


Technology in ECD

Rold of Technology in the Classroom

Promoting Your Work with Social Media

Technology in Training