Program 論文發表

The World Forum on Early Care and Education is unlike any other gathering.  The program is crafted to build relationships, expand perspectives, and provoke new thinking.  World Forum does not bring in celebrity speakers and does not pay presenters.  Program participants are delegates who step forward to share their ideas and insights.  All delegates are equal – everyone has something to learn and something to share.

Topics for 2019 World Forum

This is an initial list of potential topics that will be explored at the 2019 World Forum.  It is based on feedback we received at the Annual Meeting at the 2017 World Forum as well as from comments in the official evaluation of the 2017 World Forum.  It will be updated based on interests expressed by World Forum leaders and delegates for the 2019 World Forum.

Language and Culture  *  Homeless, Stateless, Street Children  *  Public Policy  *
Play  *  Family Engagement  *  Current Research and Applications *  Organizational Management  *  Leadership  *  Funding Models  *  Workforce Issues  *  Advocacy  *  Refugee Crisis  *  Brain Development  *  Teacher Training *  Program Management  *  Nature  *  Poverty  *  Physical Health  *  Children’s Rights  *  Empathy  *  Gender Issues  *  Indigenous Children  *  Environment and Design *  Inequities  *  Future Think  *  Inclusion  *  Joy  *  Trauma and Resilience

Wait List for Program Participants

July 1, 2018 was the deadline to submit a proposal to present on a panel, moderate a panel, or provide a performance at a plenary. Decisions will be made by September 1, 2018.  Whether your proposal has been accepted or denied, you will be notified the first week of September. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please complete the form below: