20th Anniversary Sponsorship Opportunities

Review the opportunities presented below for becoming a sponsor of the 2019 World Forum.  Then contact us at [email protected] to learn more or to sign up to become a sponsor. Click here to download a pdf version of these opportunities.

Build the World Forum Community 

Prime Sponsorship ( 4 2 opportunities at $50,000)
Be a Humanitarian sponsor of the entire World Forum Experience

World Forum Fellowships ($2,500)
Contribute to the valuable diversity of the Forum by sponsoring an early childhood professional from a community with limited financial resources

Online Delegate Communication ($5,000)
Delegates will be encouraged to develop connections before, during and after the 2019 World Forum using a popular social networking platform.

Host Engaging Experiences

Healthy Start Activities ($2,500 for the week)
Delegates will be invited to start each morning with yoga and other wellness activities.

Community Building Refreshment Breaks ( 10 8 opportunities at $5,000 each)
World Forum refreshment breaks are designed to promote fellowship.  They are 45 minutes in length with top notch refreshments.  Each break will have two sponsors who will be recognized on signage at the event.
Option: For an additional $5,000 your organization can be the sole sponsor of a break and be entitled to present your literature on a display table in the break area.

20th Anniversary International Dance ($10,000)
An eager team of National Representatives is planning a festive dance featuring hot dance music from around the world.

Bonnie’s Global Café ($10,000)
Bonnie’s Global Cafe is where the World Forum community meets – online and in person.  Bonus: Sponsor will be recognized on the website throughout 2019 as Bonnie’s Global Café sponsor and with signage at Bonnie’s Global Cafe at the 2019 World Forum.

Celebratory Receptions (4 3 opportunities at $10,000)
Evening receptions are planned for leaders of Multi-Site Organizations, Professors and Trainers, Researchers, and World Forum leaders.

Farewell Luncheon ( 3 2 opportunities at $15,000 each)
The final event of the World Forum is a luncheon featuring local cuisine along with multitudes of hugs, selfies and tears.

20th Anniversary Gala Opening Reception ( 3 2 opportunities at $25,000 each)
The opening reception is a remarkable, joyous experience as delegates dressed in their traditional attire mingle and enjoy a wide variety of cuisine and beverage stations.

Raise the Spirit

Cultural Entertainment (2 opportunities at $2500 each)
Traditional Chinese and Portuguese cultural experiences will enrich the Opening and Closing plenaries.

Time to Say Goodbye Closing Video ($5,000)
A World Forum tradition is a powerful audio-visual presentation at the closing ceremony featuring photos taken at the event.

Stage Decorations ($5,000)
Water lilies (the official symbol of Macao) and other traditional Chinese ornamentation will create a festive atmosphere in the plenary room.

20th Anniversary Celebratory Glasses
At the Gala Opening Reception delegates will be handed colored glass frames for festive photo opps.

20th Anniversary Photo Contest ($10,000)
To start building excitement immediately, delegates will be invited by the World Forum Foundation and your organization to submit photos depicting World Forum values.  Winners will be displayed on screens during World Forum plenaries.

Free Trips to the World Forum Contest ($10,000)
Two complete registration packages (airfare, lodging, and registration) will be awarded to two randomly selected applicants. Bonus:  Contest will be named after the sponsor.

Create Lasting Memories

2019 World Forum Commemorative Pins ($2,500)
A real collectors’ item – delegates at every World Forum receive a unique event pin.  This one will commemorate the World Forum’s 20th anniversary.

20th Anniversary World Forum Hats ($5,000)
Every delegate receives a stylish hat.  Bonus: Your logo will appear on the back of the hat.

2019 World Forum Program ($10,000)
Every delegate receives a program that slides into their name badge holder.  Bonus: Your organization will receive a full-page ad on the back cover.

20th Anniversary Celebration Bags ($10,000)
When delegates arrive they will receive this bag containing their conference materials and celebratory items.  Bonus: Your logo will appear on the bag. 

Click here to download a pdf version of these opportunities.