From Conflict to Peacebuilding

This book contains stories of hope and encouragement and of just what early childhood practitioners can do and achieve in the face of adversity. From Conflict to Peace Building shows us that it is possible to make a real difference in the lives of children and families in societies affected by conflict.

Moreover, the stories illustrate the power of the early years sector, not only as a foundation stone upon which to re-build communities, but also as a vehicle for peace building because of it’s ability to reach across political divides and to encourage the differing sides in conflict to develop alternative visions of the future based around the needs of children.

Contained are chapters from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chad, Colombia, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Palestine, and United States.

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Chapter 1: The Impact of Conflict on Young Children, Their Families, and Communities

Chapter 2: Albania: Ingrid Jones’ Story

Chapter 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo: Radmila Rangelov-Jusovic’s Story

Chapter 4: Chad: Felicien Ntakiyimana’s Story

Chapter 5: Colombia: Marta Arango’s Story

Chapter 6: Nepal: Kishor Shrestha’s Story

Chapter 7: Northern Ireland: Siobhan Fitzpatrick’s and Eleanor Mearns’s Story

Chapter 8: Palestine: Ali Shaar’s Story

Chapter 9: United States: Duane Dennis’s Story

Chapter 10: Key Lessons Learned

Chapter 11: Ways Forward: The International Working Group on Peace Building with Young Children

Chapter 12: International Working Group on Peace Building with Young Children

Chapter 13: References


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