Men in ECE

The following resources include current projects, conversations and articles addressing the value of gender balance in early childhood education, shared by the Working Group on Men in Early Childhood Education.

Rough-and-Tumble Play: A Way to Tackle Socially Constructed Norms

by Nick Terrones, November/December 2017

“As I have wrestled and battled toddlers, I have begun to realize that by being intentional and reflective with rough-and-tumble play, I can give young girls the experience of being empowered with a powerful voice. When they say stop and/or no to something, it needs to be heard and respected. […]



Promoting the importance of gender balance in the early childhood education workforce…

Men in Early Care and Education: Leadership Statement

Leadership requires a strong understanding and ownership of one’s identity: grounded in courage, confidence, and unfettered willingness to engage in collaboration.

Design and Nature: Considerations from Men in Early Childhood Education

Considering a uniquely male perspective brings strengths and opportunities for growth to the Working Forum on Design and Nature. What are just a few examples of male characteristics that benefit children?